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Dr. McLain is highly trained in dental sleep medicine and focuses on the treatment and management of obstructive sleep apnea. She is a dual diplomate in the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines. Working in conjunction with physicians and sleep specialists, Dr. McLain can help you manage airway issues like sleep apnea and snoring.

Book a free consultation with Dr. McLain today and learn about custom-crafted oral appliances to minimize snoring and ensure proper breathing and total comfort all night long.

CPAP Alternative

Can’t stand your CPAP? A custom-made oral appliance could be the alternative you need.

TMJ Pain Relief

For those with frequent jaw or head pain, a simple good night’s sleep may be the answer.

No More Snoring

Snuffling, wheezing, and snorting while you sleep? We can help put an end to the snoring.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

If you’ve been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, ask us about oral appliance therapy.

Feel well-rested and rejuvenated in no time.

Greenwood Village sleep apnea dentists

1. In-Person Consult

Meet with our airway specialist to evaluate your needs.

sleep apnea dentists in Greenwood Village

2. Crafting Your Mouthpiece

Time to create a 3D model of your mouth and jaw.

patient exam at village dental

3. Final Fitting

We’ll make sure your custom sleep appliance fits as planned, and start you down the path to a better night’s sleep.

Payment Info

How much will it cost?

The average cost for a sleep apnea mouth guard from other practices is $4,500.

At Village Dental, we offer sleep apnea mouth guards for about $2,500. This price includes the sleep apnea mouthpiece, visits to our office, appliance adjustments, and all follow-up visits for 90 days.


Oral appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are covered under most medical insurance plans (not dental insurance). Payment is due at the time of treatment and we’ll provide you with all the paperwork needed to submit a claim to your health insurance.

Oral Appliance Warranty

Our oral appliances come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Your appliance can be expected to last 3-5 years before it will need to be replaced.

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Very inviting and I’ll definitely be sending family and friends! Thank you, Dr. McLain!

— Jasmine R.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The office is beautiful and the staff takes excellent care of you from the minute you walk through the door.

— Mary G.

The services and care I receive here is always outstanding. The dentist and staff are professional, personal, and sincere. I highly recommend them!

— Thomas T.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? We’re ready to help. Give us a call at (303) 220-7662 or book your free consultation now.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common medical condition where your breathing stops periodically during the night due to a blockage in your airway (as often as 20 to 30 times an hour or more). The result is a variety of negative consequences for your overall quality of life and your health.

What are the warning signs of sleep apnea?
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Loud snoring
  • Snorting or choking during sleep
  • Headache upon waking
  • Drowsiness during the day
  • Unintentionally falling asleep during the day
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity
Is it possible to snore and not have sleep apnea?

Not everyone who snores has obstructive sleep apnea, but most people who have sleep apnea snore. If someone witnesses you waking up repeatedly at night or if you have chronic snoring that is loud enough to wake a bed partner, seek help.

What happens if sleep apnea is left untreated?

Left untreated, sleep apnea can be a major contributing factor to life-threatening illnesses — from high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke to diabetes and brain injury. It can possibly take up to 20 years off of your life.

What’s the best way to treat sleep apnea in the Denver Tech Center?

Visit Village Dental and treat your sleep apnea. We offer a variety of sleep apnea appliances to address every airway concern. Our oral appliances are custom designed to fit your mouth only. They’re made from high-tech materials and are incredibly comfortable.

How does an oral appliance work?

An oral appliance resembles a sports mouthguard or nightguard. It gently keeps your lower jaw in a forward position to keep you breathing freely all night long. With no straps, hoses, or masks, sleep appliances like this are often the preferred choice for those who cannot tolerate a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine.

Can an oral appliance help with snoring and TMJ?

Yes. We often prescribe a nightguard for those who snore or have TMJ pain. There is no contraindication for using these appliances if you have pre-existing TMJ pain. Schedule a visit today to learn more.

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